Welcome to My New Website

Welcome! The Adam Project is the official website of myself, Adam Mills. I previously had my own blog/website, Overthinking It, but given that I haven’t updated it in over two years, and that I needed to have a new website to promote myself personally and professionally, I thought it best to make a fresh start with a new site. I’ll leave Overthinking It up for a year or so before I officially delete it, so people can still go back and read my old blog posts and essays.

Here at The Adam Project, you’ll find links and write-ups for new publications and other creative and academic projects, as well as my own writings about various things. You can also follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram via my Social Media section on the top of this site. I have a Tumblr that I’ll be integrating into this site soon as well.

I chose the name The Adam Project for my new website because it’s somewhat catchy (I hope?) and simple, but also it’s a way of being more honest about myself and my work, while I’m finishing up my PhD at the University of Kansas and working on my first novel. For better or worse, I’m a project, and the goal of the project is to become a better writer, editor, teacher, and just better in anything else I do.

Once again, welcome to The Adam Project! I hope you’ll follow along.


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